How To Solve Health problems with Feng Shui

Health has been on my mind lately and I would love to dedicate this blog post to how we can solve health problems with Feng Shui. First lets take a look at a question from one of my readers on the topic of Health. 

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"Is it ok for the bed head to rest against the chimney wall. Any other consideration for the chimney? Thought about it while listening to you speaking about the plumbing wall. Fireplace itself is in the room below." Thank you for your question. I would not recommend that your head is positioned against the chimney wall. The energy of the fireplace is not conducive to our well being especially if your head is resting against it and that is where you spend a large amount of time resting. When the body is at rest, we are more sensitive to what we absorb. Upon further discussion I found out that the fireplace is not functional. There are multiple issues going on inside the fireplace that need to be resolved. That tells me that it needs to be addressed and the bed moved to a different wall. There are cures that can be used in this situation but if possible the best thing to do is to position the bed on a different wall. For more specific recommendations it is always best to have a personalized consultation

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Here are my Feng Shui tips for Health. 

1. No electronics in the bedroom. The bedroom is the most important because that is where we rejuvenate and get rest. If possible, do not keep your desk/work area in the bedroom. We spend a lot of hours resting and we are most receptive when we are asleep, for that reason electronics near our bodies are not recommended during this time. 

2. Plants have been known to improve health and well being. There are many advantages to having plants in our homes. Fresh flowers are another good solution to bringing fresh energy and positive chi into our homes. 

3. Fresh air. Open windows from time to time to get fresh air in. I discussed this recently on a live FB interview and many commented that they rarely or never open their windows. I highly recommend to get that fresh air in and the stagnant air out whenever possible. Also make sure your windows are clean as they represent our eyes! 

4. Clutter impacts our health. Take a look around and trouble shoot your home as far as clutter is concerned. Take a look in particular at the center of the home and pay special attention to the bedrooms. 

5. Center of Home. Each part of our home represents a certain area of our body. The center however represents our overall health and since it is located in the center, you can tell right away that is the most important area. If you are having health issues, take a look at the center of your home. Look closely to see what is located in the center. What is the condition of that location? What is stored in the center?

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Thank you for visiting. Wishing you great Health!

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

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