Marina Houzz Award-01.png

We watched our ambitions come to fruition as we implemented Marina’s advice.

– Nergis

Thanks to her design we were able to identify better ways to use the space in our home (it has somewhat of an abnormal layout) into something functional. Marina is lovely to chat with, responsive, and understanding.
- Sara

I was stuck trying to find a couch that did not seem to exist. Marina found it within a week of hearing all the requirements, of which there were many! Being that this couch is central to the room, it allowed me to have fun with the rest of the room layout, instead of being completely stressed out.

- Victoria

We had the pleasure of working with Marina on design for our entire house renovation, from finishes to furniture and accents. She is very responsive, mindful of client’s preferences/needs and a budget. Our house truly looks and feels ours, with everything having function and place.
- Julia

She is an amazing person who will go out of her way to take care of things and give you a detailed outline of what needs to be done.
- Pramit

Everything she said she would do, she did. She takes her time with her clients, as she did with me, and stays in touch if you have any further questions. I plan to continue working with her in the future as she is a wonderful resource.
- Jennifer