Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

Wow what a year it has been. 2017 for me has been a very busy year indeed. How was yours? The highlights of my year were traveling to Italy and Chicago. I finally had the chance to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home & Studio which was truly a dream come true. I took a tour throughout the home and was just so inspired especially by his studio. I also took a tour of the neighborhood where many of the homes were designed by Wright. It was an amazing experience. The reason I was in Chicago was to attend the BOLD Summit where I met many talented designers and spent 3 days working on business development. The trip to Italy was for family time and for gelato research. The hazelnut gelato of course was the winner. Just kidding. It was a wonderful trip visiting many locations on the French & Italian Riviera. As expected, each and every location we visited was beautiful. Maybe more on that on a separate post. 

I attended a few showhouses this past year including the Hampton Designer Showhouse, The Designer Showhouse of NJ and the Holiday House NYC and was happy to support their causes and see outstanding designs at the same time. And of course not a year goes by without attending industry shows and events but there’s one that I haven’t been to yet and that is High Point Market which I'm definitely adding to my wish list for the new year.

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Video and podcasts are definitely on trend this past year and I loved listening to many amazing podcasts and was honored to be a guest on a few. For designers out there who are still not familiar with “A well designed Business” podcast by LuAnn Nigara, I highly recommend that you listen to it. There is a ton of valuable information that she shares via her interviews with many successful people in the design industry. To listen to my interview with LuAnn, click here. I was also interviewed by "The Connected Yoga Teacher” and I’m looking forward to that episode airing in 2018. As soon as that episode is available, I will let everyone know. I am a member of a few wonderful virtual design groups including Design + Style and had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Design + Style ladies Dixie Willard and Rachel Moriarty for their podcast show as well. I had such a fun time and I look forward to chatting with them again to go deeper into the many topics that we discussed. All I can say is that I’m hooked on podcasts. I love listening to them as well as being a guest. 

Charities are very important to me and I offered my design consultations to raise funds for 4 wonderful charities this year. I’m in the talks with some of the auction winners and I look forward to meeting and working with them in 2018. If you're not sure what gifts to give this holiday season, I highly recommend donating to your favorite charity or to a charity that the gift recipient would love to support. 

I love to share my knowledge of Feng Shui & Design and I had the chance to lead a workshop at Window Works as well as discuss it on Remya Warriors' Koffee Talk. To continue in the sharing spirit, I’m so happy I started a blog this year with this blog post being my 3rd and last post of 2017. If you would like a question answered on my blog about Feng Shui & Interior Design, please comment on this post or reach out to me to have it considered for 2018.

I’ve had wonderful clients this year both in person and virtually and I wish them the very best for 2018. I am excited to see what clients 2018 will bring. If you or someone you know could use some Feng Shui Interior Design in the new year, send them over to my site :)


Here are my Feng Shui tips for the New Year. 

1. Declutter & Organize. If there are things that you no longer have use for or no longer love, it is time to give them a new home. Make space for new opportunities by creating some space in your home. Take a close look at a particular area of your home that might be cluttered and start there. 

2. Fix whatever is broken. Start the new year of right by fixing whatever is not working in your home. 

3. Make sure your entrance is welcoming. By having an inviting entrance, you are inviting new opportunities into your home. Try walking into your home as if for the first time and really start thinking about what people are seeing when they walk in. 

4. Clear the energy. You can do that by using a singing bowl like this one and by simply walking around the house and ringing the singing bowl to wake up stuck energy and to clear any negative energy in the home. You can also clear the energy of your home by incorporating an orange scent by using orange scented candles or using a spray with natural oils. If possible, open the windows to get that negative energy out and bring new fresh energy in. 

5. Set intentions for the new year. Get a new notepad and a new red pen and write out your intentions for the new year. I recommend that you also get red envelopes. Chinese new year red envelopes are great or you can get any red envelopes and place your written intentions in the envelope. 

I hope you try some of my tips in the beginning of the new year or anytime throughout the year is fine as well. To help you find examples of what I recommended, I've included affiliate links. By using the affiliate links above, I will get a small commission on your purchases at no cost to you. If you have any questions about my tips, feel free to reach out. At the end of the year, open the envelope and see what you have accomplished. Would love to hear from you around the same time next year to hear your success stories.

Here's to wishes coming true in 2018! Happy New Year everyone!

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

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