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I practice what is called BTB School of Feng Shui which means I use the Bagua map. The BTB school of Feng Shui - short for the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui - is a Feng Shui School or tradition brought to USA by Professor Lin Yun in the mid-eighties. The main difference between the traditional schools of Feng Shui and the BTB school of feng shui is the fact that the BTB Feng Shui school does not use the compass directions but uses the Bagua map. I practice BTB Feng Shui school and love using the Bagua map to read the energy of the space. I also love BTB school because of all the magical cures that it includes.

MarinaVDesignStudio Bagua Map

the Bagua map

The Bagua is divided into 9 sections and they are called guas. Each gua represents an aspect of our lives and includes the following, Wealth and Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Marriage & Relationships, Family, Health, Children & Creativity, Self knowledge, Career and Helpful People & Travel. To read the energy map, you must stand at the entrance of your home or office with your back to the entry door, facing the interior. Align the map using the 3 entry sectors as shown on the map below. You can also use this map in individual rooms as well as on the entire property if you live in a private home for example. When the home is oddly shaped, it becomes a little trickier to read and you would need a trained professional to analyze it for you. With additions/extensions, there might be certain extensions to the Bagua map which is a good thing or it might have missing sections which is not the most favorable but with certain adjustments, improvements can be made with Feng Shui to make it a little better and more promising. 


Marina V_Bagua Map.png

9 Guas 

Each gua has a corresponding element, shape, color and even body part. Take a look at the map above to see a more detailed description of each gua. I recommend choosing one or two that you think you need to change/improve on and tackling those first. 

  1. Wealth and Prosperity, good area to look at if you are wishing to improve that aspect of your life and don't we all? Tall plants are a good idea in this area. And if this area is missing in your home or is very cluttered, then it definitely requires some attention.

  2. Fame & Reputation is how you are seen in this world. If you would like to get more recognition in your work for example, this is a good area to add a fire element such as candles or objects that are triangular.

  3. Marriage & Relationships, for both personal and even business relationships this is a good area to modify if you are looking for a positive change. Objects in pairs are recommended in this part of the bagua.

  4. Family is the part of the bagua that relates to your family and your ancestors.

  5. Health, this part is your overall Health and is located in the center of your home.

  6. Children & Creativity, if you are looking to have children or to spark some creativity in your life adding the metal element and/or white colors is recommended.

  7. Self knowledge is about improving oneself, great for self cultivation.

  8. Career, speaks for itself. If you would like to improve your career this is a great area to make sure everything is flowing right. Adding a water fountain or the color black is good in this area.

  9. Helpful People & Travel, if you would like to expand on your travels or need help in other areas of your life this is a good part to activate to get the benefactors you are seeking to help you in your life.

This gives you an overall idea of the guas, if you have a question about a particular gua please comment below or email me and I will answer it here. Thank you. I look forward to your questions. 

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a New York State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a New York State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

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