One Room Challenge Fall week 5

week 5 update

Wow, the weeks flew by and we are one week away from posting the reveal. I’m seeing a lot of amazing projects coming to life by the Interior Designers participating in this fun One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home and Better Homes & Gardens. In case you missed the previous post here’s the link to last week’s blog. With one week left it’s all about pulling things together and getting it done. And if you have a chance, check out what everyone else is up to at week 5.


The lights

Lights, camera, action! The lights have arrived! I chose this unique table lamp because it felt like it was an art piece and a light in one. Just love how fun the light is and can’t wait to see it in the room. What do you guys think about my choice? Is that the one you were hoping I would select?

Received a lovely email from West Essex Lighting Studio letting me know that the lights have arrived. Can’t wait to go over to pick them up. Thank you so much for sponsoring the One Room Challenge West Essex Lighting Studio. You guys sure do work well on a deadline and got this light just in time.

 The rug

After decades of being used as a wall hanging and years in storage, the rug finally received the treatment it deserved. Thanks to rug cleaning pros, the rug is now as brand as new and full of color.

the plant

A fiddle leaf plant is not so easy to find but when I stopped by a local place on my first try the fiddle leaf was just there waiting for me. Since I’m always recommending plants and have even contributed to an article specifically writing about this lovely plant I decided that this plant would be perfect for this room thanks to it’s gorgeous large leaves. And we’ve all seen how photogenic this plant is. Let’s hope it will smile for me on camera as well :)

a must have

The luggage rack in my opinion is a must have and I found a simple one that is made out of sustainable material and did not have leather straps on top. As a vegan designer it was very important for me to find a piece without the leather straps and it proved to be not so easy. (Please note, that by clicking on my affiliate link I will get a small commission at no cost to you.)

to do list

1. Find bedding

2. Nightstand/Shelf project

3. Pick up the lights

4. Select artwork

5. Accessorize & take pics!

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Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

Hi. I'm Marina. I'm a NY State certified interior designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner.

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