Implement bold, beautiful design with universal feng shui principals.


  • Our initial two-hour consultation will include a discussion of your lifestyle, wish list, budget and aesthetic.
  • I’ll review your floor plan for feng shui and walk through both the interior and exterior with the bagua map, explaining how it reads in your home as we go.
  • On-the-spot recommendations for feng shui will be given on our walk-through.


  • After the site assessment, space planning and design concept development, you’ll receive floor plans showing furniture layout, elevations if needed, and other relevant renderings for review.
  • We’ll discuss what elements to use and not to use according to feng shui principles and your lifestyle and needs. 
  • I’ll work with you to create specifications for furniture, lighting, accessories, art, paint, tile, and other finishes.
  • Once I have your approval, I can manage ordering, purchasing, tracking and delivery.


  • Enjoy the anticipation of seeing your design come together as I collaborate with contractors, manage the work flow and put the finishing touches on your design.
  • You’ll receive a full feng shui report, which includes action items that may need to be completed and a list of recommendations.
  • Start living the life you intend to live in your beautiful, functional, harmonious new space. 

Billed at a flat rate with projects starting at $3,000. $300 consultation fee will be applied to your project total.